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工具分类:扫 描 器
工具大小:91085 Bytes
文件MD5 :bd78e91046bc16682bcefc4154077e19

Ifchk is a network interface promiscuous mode detection tool that reports on the operational state of all configured interfaces present on the system. In addition, it will disable those interfaces found to be promiscuous if told to do so. Per-interface statistics can also be displayed, allowing administrators to perform traffic trend analysis, which could be an aid in the identification of possible inconsistencies or spikes in network traffic volume that may warrant further investigation.
MD5 Checksum by EvilOctal bd78e91046bc16682bcefc4154077e19
大概意思就是Linux下的一个网络混杂模式检测器 Win下的版本网络上已经到处都是了 没必要发了
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