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With this Proof Of Concept tool, you can simply create an ICMP tunnel between two computers, which may be located in different networks and separated by a firewall. Skeeve utilizes ICMP packets and IP address spoofing technology to create a data channel in order to redirect TCP connections inside this channel. Skeeve creates an ICMP tunnel which is based on the use of a Bounce server. This method relies upon the basic IP address spoofing technology. The Client of the tunnel is trying to send a packet to the Bounce server with an address of the destination Server as a source IP. The Bounce Server can replay this packet and forward it to the destination Server. By adding some payload to the packet, we can establish a covert communication channel between two computers without direct network interaction. Skeeve Client accepts TCP connections and works as a converter of the IP header (by changing protocol flag from TCP to ICMP echo_request|reply and making some other slight modifications). Skeeve Server is doing the reverse procedure and restores original IP header settings. Both parts are implemented in one C program as a Loadable Kernel module.
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下了好几次才下下来 一开始竟然不给下 好工具 适合广大我一样的菜鸟 压缩包里的Readme很值得好好读 简直是精彩的文章
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