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======================[ Hacker defender - English readme ]======================

                                  NT Rootkit

Authors:        Holy_Father <holy_father@phreaker.net>
                 Ratter/29A <ratter@atlas.cz>
Version:        1.0.0 revisited
Birthday:       15.08.2005
Home:           http://www.hxdef.org, http://hxdef.net.ru,
                 http://hxdef.czweb.org, http://rootkit.host.sk
Mirror:         http://hxdef.xtremescripter.de

Betatesters:    ch0pper <THEMASKDEMON@flashmail.com>
                 aT4r <at4r@hotmail.com>
                 phj34r <phj34r@vmatrics.net>
                 unixdied <0edfd3cfd9f513ec030d3c7cbdf54819@hush.ai>
                 ierdna <ierdna@go.ro>
                 Afakasf <undefeatable@pobox.sk>

Readme:         Czech & English by holy_father
                 French by GuYoMe

=====[ 1. Contents ]============================================================

1. Contents
2. Introduction
        2.1 Idea
        2.2 Licence
3. Usage
4. Inifile
5. Backdoor
        5.1 Redirector
6. Technical issues
        6.1 Version
        6.2 Hooked API
        6.3 Known bugs
7. Faq
8. Files

=====[ 2. Introduction ]========================================================

        Hacker defender (hxdef) is rootkit for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000,
Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, it may also work on latest NT based
systems. Main code is written in Delphi. New functions are written
in assembler. Driver code is written in C. Support programs are coded mostly
in Delphi.

program uses adapted LDE32
LDE32, Length-Disassembler Engine, 32-bit, (x) 1999-2000 Z0MBiE
special edition for REVERT tool
version 1.05

program uses Superfast/Supertiny Compression/Encryption library
Superfast/Supertiny Compression/Encryption library.
(c) 1998 by Jacky Qwerty/29A.

=====[ 2.1 Idea ]===============================================================

        The main idea of this program is to rewrite few memory segments in all
running processes. Rewriting of some basic modules cause changes in processes
behaviour. Rewriting must not affect the stability of the system or running
        Program must be absolutely hidden for all others. Now the user is able
to hide files, processes, system services, system drivers, registry keys and
values, open ports, cheat with free disk space. Program also masks its changes
in memory and hiddes handles of hidden processes. Program installs hidden
backdoors, register as hidden system service and installs hidden system driver.
The technology of backdoor allowed to do the implantation of redirector.

=====[ 2.2 Licence ]============================================================

        This project is open source since version 1.0.0 but there exist also
commercial versions with advanced features.

        And of course authors are not responsible for what you're doing with
Hacker defender.

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