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提交时间:2006-06-06 更新时间:2006-06-15
工具大小:641193 Bytes
文件MD5 :7f96f0db2ee4b6e9e3a10823cbdae046

DarkSpy(Freeware) Anti-Rookit is a powerful tool for rootkit detection. DarkSpy is a multiway-based detection tool . It internally combines many effective detection techniques, including  DarkSpy's own handlers and also methods used by other famous tools.

DarkSpy 1.0.5 new features:
Enhanced Process/Driver Module detection.
Fixed some problems working with other security software(Karspersky...etc).
Enhanced process force terminate functionality.
Start to support multi-cpu and hyperthread.
Registry functionality added.
Help document added.

Use it at your own risk.

注:本程序为用户上传,XFOCUS 未对其进行严格审计,无法保证其中不包含无意感染的病毒、编程失误导致的危险代码或故意添加的后门。XFOCUS不对因使用本程序造成的任何后果负责。我们建议您在不包含敏感数据的测试环境中运行该程序。

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