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What's DNS Footprinting?
it is a Penetration testing tool to find more and more sub domain
infomation. at this version, i'm not append dig/host/whois commond,
although, these tools used to find dns infomation.
in fact, under *nix you can use dig/host/whois commond. under windows,
you can use nslookup.
DNS Footprinting have a FreeBSD version at long long ago. recently,
i'm afresh learn penetration testing, and use win32 platform sdk afresh
write this Pen's Testing tool.

How to use?
1: select radio button <Search Sub DNS>, default selected.
2: input your testing domain name, eg: cisrg.cn
   note: when you input domian name, not contain <www.> or <other.>
3: click <Search> button.
4: waiting...
   although, i'm used threads, but...but...need time also.
5: when find finished, the result log will open.
if you want to discover more and more sub domain information, edit [sub.ini].

How to update?
if you have some funny idea with this tool, please write a email
to cis7all[at]gmail.com,  i'm very delight with write some funny
code for your funny idea.
if you discover some bugs, please write a email to cis7all[at]gmail.com

Where dig/host/whois ?
at program folder, you can find dig folder.
copy [resolv.conf] to [C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc] and run those
tools at cmd commond.
download at http://members.shaw.ca/nicholas.fong/dig/dig-files.zip

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